15-22 September, 2010

School material

The School poster: print quality pdf (19.4 MB) or png (22.2 MB), and lower quality png (5.6 MB).  


Thursday 16th:
A. Varlamov, Superconductivity: approaching the century jubilee (ppt).
A. Kavokin, Hybrid Bose-Fermi systems (ppt).
I. Lukyanchuk, Dirac Fermions in graphite and graphene (ppt).
M. Kaliteevski, Negative refraction in photonic crystals (pptx, ppt).
M. Vladimirova, Dynamics of collective spin excitations in n-doped CdMnTe quantum wells (ppt).
Y. Leger, Polariton gas excitations: from single-particle to superfluid (pptx, ppt, wmv).

Friday 17th:
A. Bramati, Superfluidity of coherently driven polaritons (pdf). Polaritons for optronic applications (pdf).
A. Akimov, The application of ultrafast acoustics to nanophotonics (pdf).
I. Bondarev, Surface electromagnetic phenomena in pristine and atomically doped carbon nanotubes (pptx, ppt).
M. Portnoi, Carbon nanotubes and quantum doughnuts (ppt).

Sunday 19th:
Y. Rubo, Quantum vortices in multicomponent superfluids (pdf).
B. Altshuler, Many-body localization (pdf).
A. Di Carlo, Organic photovoltaics (pdf).
S. Gurevich, Si-based photovoltaics: new structures and approaches (ppt).

Monday 20th:
J. Baumberg, Plasmonics and PVs (pdf).
L. Butov, Cold excitons (ppt).
M. Szymanska, Flow via obstacles, persistent currents & quantised vortices (pdf).
Z. Chen, Quantum chaos of a hydrogen-like atom in solid-state environment (pdf).

Tuesday 21st:
K. Kavokin, Electron-nuclear spin dynamics in optically pumped semiconductor quantum dots (ppt).
N. Gippius, Bistability and multistability in microcavities (pdf).
B. Hoeffling, Band discontinuities at Si/transparent conducting oxide heterostructures from ab-initio quasiparticle calculations (pptx, ppt).