Scientific program

The complete PLMCN10 scientific program is available: 5 page program.

You can also download the full abstract booklet (18Mb).

A welcoming reception with cocktails will be held for all participants on Sunday 11th at 20h, at Villa del Conquistador (the conference venue).

Participant registration: on Sunday 11th at 19h (before the reception) and on Monday 12th at 8h (before the conference opening), at Villa del Conquistador.


Regular talks: 17 min of presentation + 3 min of questions

Invited talks: 35 min of presentation + 5 min of questions

Please, bring your talk in pdf or powerpoint on a USB stick.

Posters: Please, bring your posters in A0 size, with vertical orientation (portrait).

Invited talks

  • A. Amo (Paris), Superfluidity of polariton condensates
  • Y. Arakawa (Tokyo), Lasing oscillations in strong coupling of single quantum dots in photonic crystals
  • L. Butov (San Diego), Exciton spin transport
  • J. Calleja (Madrid), Microcavity-mediated coupling of two distant semiconductor quantum dots
  • G. Cassabois (Paris), Zero-phonon PL line shape in InAs/GaAs single quantum dots
  • D. Krizhanovskii (Sheffield), Polariton condensation in disordered microcavities
  • K. Lagoudakis (Lausanne), Vortices in exciton-polariton condensates
  • F. Laussy (Southampton), Light mediated superconductivity
  • I. Luk'yanchuk (Amien), Optical properties of graphene
  • F. Marchetti (Madrid), Persistent currents in polariton condensates
  • V. M. Menon (New York), Bloch-polaritons in multiple-quantum-well photonic crystals
  • S. Ossicini (Modena), Si quantum dots, excitonic effects in porous Si
  • G. Roumpos (Stanford), Single vortex-antivortex pair in an exciton polariton condensate
  • P. Voisin (Paris), A new mechanism of dynamic nuclear pumping evidenced by anomalous Hanle effect in InAs-GaAs quantum dots