In order to arrive at the conference place, we advice to book the flight to Mexico City. There are plenty of direct flights to Mexico City airport from many cities of USA and Canada, as well as from South and Central America (in particular, from Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires). Going from Europe, it is also preferential you book a direct flight, available from London, Paris, Madrid, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt.

From the airport, one must go to Cuernavaca, the capital of the state of Morelos, situated about 90 km south-west from Mexico City. A convenient, inexpensive, and safe way to do it, is to use the frequent bus service by the group Pullman de Morelos. The air-conditioned, TV equipped buses go directly from both International Terminals 1 and 2 of the airport to the bus-station Cuernavaca-Casino. You can find the bus statation location in the conference map of Cuernavaca.

You may wish to check the interactive map of the Mexico-City airport to find the exact location of foreign bus terminals. Note that after the customs zone on the ground floor, you have to go upstairs to the first floor to reach the bus terminal and buy the tickets, and then go downstairs to board the bus. The tickets should be bought at the airport and the current price is 145 pesos. You may find additional information and the bus schedule on the web-sites:

Once in Cuernavaca-Casino, please, take a taxi to your hotel, indicating the street and colonia (the area of the city)—-see more details below, in the section Taxis in Cuernavaca. In particular, if you are heading to the conference hotel, your destination is:

Hotel Villa del Conquistador
Calle Paseo del Conquistador 134,
Colonia Lomas de Cortés.

You can find the location of all the hotels that we recommended, in the conference map of Cuernavaca.

If you arrive at the airport late at night (after 23h30, so that you miss the last bus) or you are in group, then, you may wish to hire a taxi directly from the airport to your hotel in Cuernavaca. It should be done by paying at the official kiosks at the airport (do not take a taxi at the street). Before paying, make sure you get a good modern car or a mini-van. The trip goes over the mountains and it is a good idea to make it in a reliable car. The taxi price is about 1000 pesos. The duration of the trip is about 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Taxis in Cuernavaca

There are many interesting places to visit in Cuernavaca and here we give some tips about how to move inside the city.

Even though there are many buses as a public transportation, it is difficult for a tourist to use them, since their trajectories are not clearly indicated. Apart from this, these buses are not quite convenient and modern. The preferential way to move around is to use taxis. These taxis are not so modern either, they mostly do not have air-conditioning, but they are inexpensive.

Typical trips inside Cuernavaca are priced between 30-50 pesos; payments should be in cash. Preferentially, you should use radio-taxis that can be ordered from the reception of the hotel (and this way, in particular, you can order an air-conditioned car).

In case you take the taxi on the street, it is important to arrange the price before the trip, since taxis in Cuernavaca do not have taximeters and if the price is not arranged, the driver will try to charge you more than usual at the end of the trip.

Another important thing is that you need to indicate to the driver not only the number and the name of the street (calle) of your destination, but also indicate colonia (the area in the city). This is because there are many streets with the same names in different Colonias. But drivers typically know the main hotels in Cuernavaca, so the name of hotel in most cases is enough.


If you want to get a taste of Spanish or some basic phrases to get around, here are a few websites with short introductory lessons:


Mexican peso has the same $ sign as the US dollar, but

1€ = around 17.3$ (Mexican pesos).

1$ (US dollar) = around 12.5$ (Mexican pesos).

Only pesos are used in Cuernavaca, so please do not be scared with a $100 breakfast bill!


For those participants who need a visa to enter Mexico, PLMCN10 organizers can support their tourist application with an invitation letter, if necessary, upon request. The invitation letter can be offered only to registered participants.